May 11 – World Melanoma Day (1st time in the world)

ImageOn May 11, 2013, day of death of legendary musician Bob Marley, who died from melanoma, Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology and Global Shapers Community Yerevan Hub (an initiative of World Economic Forum) nominated as World Melanoma Day – Fighting against Melanoma!!!

On May 11, 2013 in Bob’s Club, Yerevan, Armenia “Fighting Against Melanoma” party took place, with participation of “Chigapo and Untouchables” band and DJ Vakcina. This party was later showed by many TV channels and websites.  182712_545111072198527_353171097_n 183637_545116835531284_15499936_n 183781_545119082197726_294646495_n 197687_545117098864591_1539271758_n 264536_545117508864550_1270516923_n 600763_545112815531686_748027617_n 934028_487478281306001_603146449_n 934852_545111708865130_2030568431_n 943777_545111435531824_1562880953_n 945735_545116605531307_780640074_n

Starting from May 11, 2013 until the end of May in many public places, flyers with the information about melanoma and the ways of prevention were distributed.

Flyer 1 (1) Flyer 2

On May 13, 2013 there was a TV program about our initiative on Armenia TV, one of the biggest TV channels in Armenia, and an interview with the organizers.

On May 15, 2013 in “Muratsan” Hospital Complex of Yerevan State Medical University we organized a scientific conference on Melanoma issues.

945210_612400538772963_391147009_n 205452_612391832107167_435842393_n  248380_612391678773849_1511839254_n 294838_612391992107151_448119968_n 405712_612392028773814_1028093633_n 557873_612391972107153_1983202193_n 941849_612391805440503_690428951_n 943087_612391825440501_1058851880_n  945508_612391682107182_2130999629_n 947127_612391655440518_1772161903_n 968873_612391848773832_2103762225_n 968969_612391698773847_143613660_n971004_612392365440447_686375716_n 972100_612391995440484_1094994755_n

We collected videos all over the world, where people say “No melanoma” holding “NO Melanoma, May 11” in their hands. The whole video now is under construction and it will be ready very soon.

Also the websites and are under construction now and will also be ready soon.

We are full of hope that this our initiative will become world – known and next years more and more people will join us…

Doctors from 16 countries, Beirut, Lebanon

Doctors from 16 countries, Beirut, Lebanon

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