In Memory of Mr. Hanns Funk

Hanns Funk

Hanns Funk, the past Editor-in-chief of  Schwäbischen Zeitung (newspaper in Germany), beloved one of Armenian kids, passed away with premature death.
Hanns Funk was the apologist for the treatment of Armenian children with leukemia, the president of the foundation “Help for Armenia” founded in Germany. He took care of supplying medicine for the children and establishing Clinic of Modern Chemotherapy according
to International Standards. He always understood everyone and was committed to the issues of patients and of the staff of the hospital. He contributed to the establishment of official
relations of Armenian-German collaboration and all those programs live up today. More than 500 children have been totally cured from leukemia. Due to Mr. Funk a lot of doctors are trained and perfected in Europe.
May his memory be blessed which will live in the souls of grateful Armenians.

Yerevan State Medical University Administration
“Muratsan” University Hospital
Samvel Danielyan
Head of the Oncology Chair

/A post from “Future Doctor” journal – the official journal of Yerevan State Medical University, Nov.2013, N 15-16 (1291-1292)/

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