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MCMC Program Armenia 2014 – English version

MCMC Program Armenia 2014 – Armenian version

From 12-15 of May, 2014, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology organized the 1st Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course in Armenia, held at the Yerevan State Medical University.

World-known speakers from all over the world had speeches on different types and aspects of cancer, as well as with their examples shaped the importance of the multidisciplinary team approach in cancer management.

During 4 days of the course there were more than 400 registered participants from Armenia and abroad (Georgia, Russia, Canada, etc.).

On May 11, 2014, at Kami Club in Yerevan the welcome reception was organized with the nomination of World Melanoma Day. It was the 2nd time we were nominating May 11 as a World Melanoma Day, on the day of death of a legendary musician Bob Marley, who died from melanoma. This event was organized in cooperation with the Global Shapers community Yerevan Hab.

World Melanoma Day 2014 vol.2


World Melanoma Day 2014-1World Melanoma Day 2014-2








On May 12, 2014, ASCO speakers provided a “Training to Trainers” Course for a group of participants, which included presentation skills, organization of multidisciplinary team and tumor board, leadership, etc.

On May 13, 2014 the official opening ceremony held at the Yerevan State Medical University. Welcome speeches had the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University Professor Mikayel Narimanyan, the Deputy-Minister of Health of Armenia Dr. Sergey Khachatryan, the President of the Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology Dr. Samvel Danielyan and the Director of National Oncology Center Professor Hayrapet Galstyan, who also gave a short speech on cancer state in Armenia. All the speakers mentioned the importance of this course for the development of the cancer care in Armenia, and wished productive days.

Professor Mikayel NarimanyanDr. Samvel DanielyanDr. Dinesh PendharkarProf. Hayrapet Galstyan and Dr. Sergey Khachatryan Prof. Mikayel Narimanyan and Dr. Samvel DanielyanProf. Hayrapet GalstyanMuratsan Chemotherapy clinic ASCO MCMC Armenia 1ASCO MCMC Armenia 2 ASCO MCMC Armenia 3 ASCO MCMC Armenia 4
ASCO MCMC Armenia 5 Dr. Samvel Danielyan Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar ASCO MCMC Armenia 5

ASCO MCMC Armenia 6 Dr. Danielyan and Dr. Pendharkar















































Just after the welcome reception the chairman of the American Society of Clinical Oncology MCMC Committee Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar opened the main course. The 1st day was dedicated to the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar (India) and Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant (India), with the local specialists organized a multidisciplinary team and discussed the main issues of treatment of breast cancer. After the lunch there were also special lectures from the faculty.

Media about ASCO MCMC in Armenia:

1intv (watch from 32:10)


On May 14, 2014, the GI cancer day was chaired by Dr. Miklos Simon (USA). Together with local faculty and also a speaker from
Georgia Dr. Armaz Mariamidze (pathologist), multidisciplinary management of gastric, colon, rectal and anal cancers was discussed and afternoon sessions on specific topics were provided.

ASCO MCMC Armenia 7ASCO MCMC Armenia 8

ASCO MCMC Armenia 9 Dr. Raya Saab and Dr. Narine Movsesyan Drs. Pendharkar, Harutyunyan and Avagyan 10371502_10203897978349388_777441384790218935_n IMG_1250 ASCO MCMC Armenia 10 Dr. Sima Jeha and Dr. Raya Saab Mr. and Mrs. OhanianASCO MCMC Armenia 12 ASCO MCMC Armenia 13 Mr and Mrs Kocharyan

ASCO MCMC Armenia 14Dr. Miklos Simon and Dr. Armen Avagyan













































On May 15, 2014, the day started with adult leukemias session chaired by Dr. Maro Ohanian (USA), who gave a speech on multidisciplinary treatment approaches of adult leukemias. After her speech, local faculty provided speeches on the state of pathology, flow cytometry and cytogenetics in Armenia. Pediatric leukemias session was chaired by Dr. Sima Jeha (USA), who showed the main treatment approaches and future directions of treatment of childhood leukemias.

After the lunch, there was a special Award Ceremony. Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology established a special Hans Funk Award, in honor of a great person Mr. Hans Funk, the 1st President of Hilf fur Armenia Foundation (Germany), who helped to develop pediatric hematology/oncology in Armenia during last 2 decades. The Award is given for the outstanding contribution in the development of hematology and oncology in Armenia. This year, 1st time the Award received a famous and beloved Armenian hematologist Dr. Elizaveta Amrikhanyan, who retired just recently. Dr. Samvel Danielyan, while presenting the Award, mentioned her great role for the development of this field of medicine in Armenia.

There was a surprise also during the ceremony, when the doctors and nurses of the Clinic of Chemotherapy of “Muratsan” Hospital Complex of YSMU, decided to give the World Best Chief Award to Dr. Samvel Danielyan, mentioning his amazing role for all of them and for the hematology and oncology in Armenia.

On behalf of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar and Mrs. Vanessa Eaton presented a Certificate of Appreciation for organizing this course in Armenia to the Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology.


After the Award Ceremony pronounced speakers gave speeches: the 1st Minister of Health of Armenia Professor Mihran Nazaretyan provided a speech on “How to tell the bad news?”, Dr. Raya Saab (Lebanon) presented on “Why cancer research can be attractive?”, Ms. Vanessa Eaton showed “The role of ASCO and how it can help” and Dr. Miklos Simon (USA) presented on “Why to be an oncologist” showing his own example and also with having a career debate with Dr. Sima Jeha (USA).

For the closing ceremony the Rector of YSMU Professor Mikayel Narimanyan, thanked all the speakers, organizers and participants for the wonderful and outstanding meeting, expressing his hope to have such courses and meetings more often.

After the closing ceremony, there was a gala-dinner with the view of Ararat Mountain and a live Armenian folk music.

Hans Funk Award - Dr Elizaveta Amirkhanyan Hans Funk Award Hans Funk Award 2014-1 Hans Funk Award 2014-4ASCO MCMC Armenia 15World Best Chief AwardWorld Best Chief Award.ASCO MCMC Armenia 17Prof. Mihran NazaretyanDr. Raya SaabDr. Miklos Simon and Dr. Sima JehaDr. Sima JehaMrs. Vanessa EatonDr. Miklos SimonASCO MCMC Armenia ClosingASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinnerProf. Mihran Nazaretyan and Mrs. Vanessa EatonDr. Sima Jeha and Dr. Raya SaabMuratsan OncologistsASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 1ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 2Dr. Samvel ArakelyanASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 4Behind is the Ararat mountainASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 5ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 6ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 7Dr. Miklos Simon and Dr. Hovhannes VardevanyanASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 6ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 7ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 8Yerevan - CascadeOutdoor Dr. Sima Jeha and Dr. Samvel DanielyanASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 8ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 9Muratsan Nurses
ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 10ASCO MCMC Armenia gala dinner 11


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