Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016

On October 12, 2016, the Armenian Association of Oncology and Hematology, in collaboration with Fund 100, Europa Donna Armenia, and Bridge of Health Charitable Foundation, hosted a cancer awareness campaign with a slogan “Breast cancer can be cured.”

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Many oncologists, students, and some famous Armenian artists took part in the campaign. As stated by Sergo Mkhitaryan, a doctor from the Oncology Department of the Yerevan State Medical University, “October is the month for breast cancer awareness. We decided to organize this awareness campaign to inform people that breast cancer can be cured. The prognosis from the disease also depends on early diagnosis.”

Anahit Barseghyan, the head of the Bridge of Health non-profit organization, urged people not to be afraid and seek professional help. “Everyone should love and take care their health first of all. Thus, one should do regular checkups and try to prevent the disease development. Cancer is a common disease nowadays, and one in five women is at risk of developing breast cancer. There is no reason to be afraid. In case you face this kind of issue, you need to refer to a professional, and everything will be fine,” added Anahit Barseghyan.

A famous actor Rafael Yeranosyan stated that he will always be ready to join this kind of campaign. Despite being a famous person or not, every single person should have a small contribution to campaigns like this to increase awareness among the public.

One of the organizers of this program, Galina Stepanyan, said: “Everyone should try to be optimistic. Sadly, cancer is perceived as a heavy burden in our culture. We want to inform and urge people not to get depressed and lose hope. Cancer can be cured.”

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