“De jhpta” (“Smile”) – A New Music Video with Pediatric Cancer Survivors, Doctors, and Armenian Stars

Mko and Gor

A new music video called “De jhpta” (“Smile”) was released in June 2017. The video was directed by Karen Amyan, and the lyrics of the song was written by Edgar Alexanyan. Many famous Armenian artists performed in the video, such as Aram MP3, Iveta Mukuchyan, Mihran Tsarukyan, Christine Pepelyan, Anahit Shahbazyan, Roland Gasparyan, Eric Karapetyan, Mkrtich Arzumanyan, and Yana Hovhannisyan.

The creation of this music video aimed to break the stereotypes and raise public awareness that cancer can be cured. A famous actor Mkrtich Arzumanyan, who coordinated the whole process of creating this video, stated that the owners of the idea were the doctors from Muratsan Hospital Complex who asked for his help to turn the idea into reality. Mkrtich also commented that none of the musicians declined his offer to perform. The video also aimed to share positivity for children who are now in the stage of fighting cancer.

Dr. Lilit Sargsyan, a physician at the Muratsan Hospital Complex, noted that children were very excited about this project. “Children got very excited not just during the shooting process, but also when they later saw themselves on the TV, they get very excited. They watch the video many times during the day,” said Dr. Sargsyan. She also added that besides exposing positivity, the video aimed to raise the awareness that cancer is not a verdict and can be cured.

Liana Safaryan and Selena

Article from tert.am

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