ESMO – AAHO: European Society of Medical Oncology and Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology


European Society of Medical Oncology and the Armenian Association of Hematology and Oncology (AAHO) signed a joint membership agreement in 2016. The aim of the agreement is to promote education and scientific initiatives within the Armenian oncology community.

As of 1 March 2016, members of AAHO benefit from a simplified membership application process to join ESMO, avoiding the need for a Sponsor (i.e. details of an ESMO member who supports your application) or the need to provide an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae in English.

ESMO members in Armenia can benefit from the annual ESMO membership fee of €25 (online access only to Annals of Oncology), due to Armenia being classified by the World Bank as a lower-middle income country, based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita and calculated using the World Bank Atlas method.

To find out more details, please visit the link below:

Also, Dr. Davit Zohrabyan, a medical oncologist at the Clinic of Chemotherapy of Muratsan Hospital Complex of YSMU, and a Board Member of the AAHO, has been appointed as a ESMO National Representative (Ambassador) for Armenia.