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Immunization Guide for Children with Cancer and Blood Disorders (2020)
Y. Margaryan, G. Tamamyam, L. Sargsyan, L. Hakobyan, A. Avagyan, M. Gizhlaryan, M. Avagyan, J. Simonyan, L. Hambardzumyan, M. Petrosyan, I. Melnichenko, T. Arakelyan, T. Grigoryan
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Guidebook “Early Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer” by WHO and PAHO – Armenian version (2018)
Translated by R. Papyan, L. Sargsyan, L. Hakobyan, S. Iskanyan, J. Arakelyan
Guidebook “Building blocks of hope” for individuals with myeloblastic syndrome by MDS Foundation – Armenian version (2017)
Translated by S. Danielyan, A. Voskanyan, L. Harutyunyan, C. Poghosyan, L. Hakobyan, L. Safaryan, L. Sargsyan, D. Zohrabyan, A. Avagyan, G. Tamamyam
AAHO Guideline for transfusion-dependant Thalassemia care in Armenia (2014)
S.H. Danielyan, L.R. Sargsyan, L.S. Hakobyan, A.A.Voskanyan, S.S. Arakelyan, S.S. Iskanyan, D.G. Zohrabyan, L.L. Safaryan, L.A. Harutyunyan, G.N. Tamamyan

A Day With Dr. Waddle by Research, Center for Basic Cancer (1988) Paperback: Armenian translation

A. Kamalyan, L. Sargsyan

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  1. –Me again,
    What I am looking for is a table similar to Table 3, page 8 on the Taiwan population reported in Abstracts of the
    1st Taiwan-Armenian Medical Conference; but about the Armenian population. Thanks.
    –Sami Khuri

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